Embracing Docker for Local Development: My Journey from WAMP to Docker

For over a decade, from 2009 to 2021, my local development environment revolved around WAMP server. This trusty tool provided everything I needed to develop WordPress plugins and themes with ease. However, in 2021, I took the plunge and switched to Docker for my local environment, and while the transition was challenging, the rewards have… Continue reading Embracing Docker for Local Development: My Journey from WAMP to Docker

Bye Bluehost

The first paid hosting service i took is from bluehost.com on Aug 2010. It was a shared hosting plan, costing $4.99 per month. I was quite excited to have a cPanel to learn about it. Later, after two years i upgraded to VPS package costing $29.97 per month. I had hosted around 5-7 domains there,… Continue reading Bye Bluehost

freelancer.com Express Withdrawals in Bangladesh

The Problem Freelancer.com has depreciated freelancer debit card withdrawal facility, which is payoneer card. That’s a big problem indeed, as i pay my hosting, domain, netflix, chaldal & few more payments through the card. Hopefully i still can withdraw from upwork, thank god. The Solution However, Freelancer.com has recently opened express withdrawals in Bangladesh. Glad… Continue reading freelancer.com Express Withdrawals in Bangladesh

Shopping at Kiksha

Among some others, kiksha dot com is another popular online shopping for Dhaka residence. My experience with them has been unlucky. I ordered couple of t shirts twice, and they became unavailable both of the times. Even 2nd time the order were cancelled after 12 days, when i called for an update. I will keep… Continue reading Shopping at Kiksha

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Hello world!

It’s really great to acquire this .me domain which includes my first name. I have waited almost 4 years for that. I always wanted to have this domain for makin a personal blog. Lets see where it takes me. I believe the previous owner of this domain would pop up sometime to see who the… Continue reading Hello world!